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We have two pear trees in our backyard, one of which has been getting rather crowded by two blue spruce. They are too close to the pear to simply move so my only option is to cut them down. Since I’m all about repurposing things, we saved ourselves a few bucks this Christmas and cut down one of the two spruce for our holiday tree. My favourite part, the kids were watching Daddy fetch the tree from outside and Wyatt asks me, “Mom, is this legal?” I’m so proud he asked […] Continue reading →


As I’m sitting here writing this post it is -19˚C outside and over the last four days it’s been even colder than that.  Fortunately for Logan & Tara it was the day after their wedding when the weather went from balmy to arctic.  Weather aside, Logan & Tara’s wedding day was very laid back and low key.  It was held at the Bear & Bison Inn in Canmore which was a beautiful and intimate setting and allowed all of the youngest guests to burn off energy and […] Continue reading →


Every Christmas season we make a trip up to my parent’s home in the Peace Country and often it is quite frigid and there is usually lots of snow.  This year was definitely an exception since most days it felt like spring and even on one of the days it poured rain like it was June.  Now I will admit that the landscape was rather dreary and it didn’t look like Christmas but we got a different kind of treat with outdoor skating for miles.  Not only was every dugout and muskeg […] Continue reading →

We got a great sunny day for Ken & Jillian’s engagement session although it was a bit breezy.  Fortunately we fit this session in before all of our snow melted away as well.   I did love watching these two together and I can’t wait for their wedding day to witness their banter again!   […] Continue reading →

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