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Fabulous Frost


I chopped her hair and had to document the effect. Plus the incredible hoar frost was a big draw.   […] Continue reading →


I love using my 100mm Macro lens as a portrait lens because it is incredibly sharp but I was inspired to try using it as a macro lens for a change. Here is my study of window frost. […] Continue reading →

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It is a little sad how I very rarely photograph my older children, especially in comparison with how much I photograph the younger. I do try to be intentional on each of their birthdays to set aside some time for their very own session, one that they choose location and wardrobe.  I must confess that I did miss Wyatt’s turn when he turned nine in August so he got to join Shannon for her eighth. Getting these done is a little like pulling teeth, mostly a chore for them and I know […] Continue reading →

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