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There is a veil that exists within all our lives. There have been moments when I have seen it suddenly appear, only to vanish again. It is in these moments when the foundations of this life suddenly crumble before my eyes. When my fears are laid bare and I cannot look them in the eye. The day this veil took on a tangible form was the day we nearly lost Shannon. I had glimpsed it before but this was the first time I stared it straight in the face. It was a beautiful day, idyllic even. We […] Continue reading →

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Big Vision


I am writing this post in part to organize and articulate my thoughts, not only for those around me but also for myself. Truly, I must begin with a confession. I confess that my vision as a believer in Christ has been small and narrow. I feel compelled to testify now to fellow believers and non believers alike that there is a greater vision pressing upon me. My worldview of old could simply be described as ‘escapist’. My final and ultimate goal was ‘life after death’ […] Continue reading →

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