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Our family took advantage of Labour Day to visit one of our favorite spots on the Dogpound and the day was completely idyllic.  I’m so glad we did because now the air is beginning to feel crisper, the nights cooler and the sun is setting earlier and earlier.  Farewell summer, thanks for coming. Wyatt soaked his clothes about 15 minutes in attempting to pick up the biggest rock in the stream, hence he’s only in his gitch. Gathering firewood. Kids don’t seem to mind […] Continue reading →


I went up to my parents place in the Peace Country for a week again this summer so the kids could play with their cousins and also so we could can peaches together.  We ended up doing over 10 cases and so with two nursing mamas and 5 mobile children about the place, it was a crazy day.  Thanks to my mom and brother-in-law, it all did get done though I think it was midnight when the final jars came out of the canner.   My niece Brynn, with Bapa. Two crazy garden carrots. Wyatt’s […] Continue reading →


Kristi’s family are close friends of ours and so we were very honored to photograph her wedding just 10 days ago at the Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon.  We got ourselves a smoking hot day that felt like 37˚C, even so, it was better than rain!  This wedding was certainly unique for Scott and I since we knew so many of the guests but also because we had our children along not to mention our 7 week old Ellie.  Needless to say there were some extra challenges having a nursing infant […] Continue reading →

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