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On this six year anniversary of our moving to Airdrie, my family and I are announcing our embarkment to new shores. Well, not exactly new to me but certainly new to us as a family. Once the kids have completed this year of school we will be packing ourselves up into boxes and heading up north to the Peace Country, the land of my childhood. We feel a very distinct calling that this is the place we are to raise our children, the place we are to put down our roots. We are sad to say goodbye to […] Continue reading →

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I have confessed in the past my renewed vision of God’s Kingdom and how it requires my complete engagement, total commitment to the work of Christ here and now. But here’s my problem. I feel stuck. Stuck in a small world with small people. A world of diapers and messes, kid snot and chaos. My heart burns within me with a desire to plant seeds, cultivate beauty, build for the Kingdom. I try to put pen to paper to communicate my wakefulness to those around me but the words get […] Continue reading →


Man, have I ever been stumped by this project. When I first began I had tons of ideas, seemingly endless inspiration. I thought it would be wicked easy planning something out once a month, but by the third month in my ideas all felt stale. Every idea was a derivative of something I had already done. I had lost all my freshness. The project wasn’t new anymore. Now it was just navel-gazing. During this desert phase I had been shooting with a Mamiya C330, shooting film for the first time […] Continue reading →

I seem to have quite a knack of deceiving myself. I would claim that all my actions in working for God’s Kingdom arise from a pure motive, the desire to bring glory to God. But under slight examination my true motive is revealed. All that I do, I am seeking my own glory. In each photograph, my own glory. In the raising of my children, my own glory. In the planting of gardens, my own glory. In the writing of words, my own glory. In the peace of my marriage, my own glory. Pride is such […] Continue reading →

I have written in the past of my renewed vision of our Lord Jesus Christ whose eternal Kingdom is now, but also not yet. Christ is already reigning but has not yet been fully revealed to the world. This renewed vision leads me now to a fresh realization of my role and my purpose here and now. I had seen glimpses here and there in the past of what this role was but I did not fully grasp its meaning. My understanding of my calling was stunted and therefore lacked motivation. There were many […] Continue reading →

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