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Rattling Bones


The greatest sin one could possibly commit in todays culture is the failure of self-fulfillment. The message of today is pursue your dream, follow your heart, do what makes you happy, don’t settle for less. The individual rules. Each self must determine what is right for them. Stories abound of floundering souls “finding” themselves. In days past, I also carried this mission. It had many days of lordship and its message still echoes in the recesses of my being. It […] Continue reading →


I cannot get enough of the Book of Revelation. I’ve always been fascinated by it but mostly I struggle to understand it. I’m assuming most of us would. There were times when I would be drawn to ponder the vivid and frightening imagery and try to make it fit within my worldview which unfortunately was influenced by the American “Left Behind” culture. To no one’s surprise, Revelation never did fit this formula. It refused to get in that box. Thank goodness. As […] Continue reading →

I was recently in the company of an incredible woman. One who has traversed many more miles than I. And has seen much darker days. “We pray about such crap,” she says. “About our bad knees and bad backs. Safe travel. All crap. It has nothing to do with the heart. And then what do we say when something bad happens?” Yup. There it is. I have just come through a full on wrestling match with God during the past six months. Maybe  a little less. It started over […] Continue reading →


Things are still rather “undone” around our place which means I haven’t really been shooting much personal work. I find any sort of chaos difficult to photograph and this time of year has classically been my down time. Maybe the lack of daylight flips a switch or something. Anyway, I am feeling a need to push myself into some sort of inspiration but until that happens, I’ll always have these two to document. […] Continue reading →


I have long been getting the vibe throughout the artistic community and more specifically the photography industry of great dissatisfaction. I sense it on Twitter, photography forums, in conversations with other artists and even within myself. I wrote this post several years ago when I was wildly thrashing around in the “comparison pit” myself. And I tend to wonder, why are we constantly tormented with thoughts that we aren’t good enough, we aren’t rockstar enough, […] Continue reading →

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