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In the Mix


Our Ellie has finally figured out how to crawl and as wonderful as this is, it will be presenting us with some different challenges too.  Wyatt and Shannon are now realizing that Ellie can access their spaces and their favourite things.  What goes around, comes around. […] Continue reading →

We’re loving the hair swoop Ellie has been sporting lately. […] Continue reading →



Ellie loves to feed herself and there’s a large part of me that encourages this independence.  However the cleanup that we’re left with can become monumental and I swear that greasy tomato sauce is the worst.  And rice.  Rice is also the worst. […] Continue reading →

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I’m not a fan of daylight savings since it robs the sunlight from late in the day (when I’m up) and gives it to early in the day (when I’m not up) so I was happy to “spring ahead” about a week ago.  Here is a series of shots of Ellie before bedtime and thanks to the sprung-ahead clock there is now a remnant of sunlight that comes into her room after bathtime.  I found this remnant intriguing and was moved to capture it despite the difficulty of the high ISO […] Continue reading →

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My word, my baby girl is 8 months old already. […] Continue reading →

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