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Things are still rather “undone” around our place which means I haven’t really been shooting much personal work. I find any sort of chaos difficult to photograph and this time of year has classically been my down time. Maybe the lack of daylight flips a switch or something. Anyway, I am feeling a need to push myself into some sort of inspiration but until that happens, I’ll always have these two to document. […] Continue reading →


So we have sold our home here in Airdrie which has been rather bittersweet for me. Throughout the course of the last six years this house has truly become home to us and I will very much miss its walls. So with that in mind, each time I take out the camera to capture the kids being kids I take notice that my time photographing them here is coming to a close.  […] Continue reading →


I feel like I need to write this post mostly so I don’t forget today and it’s frustrations.  Not sure why I feel the need to publicly document my failures, maybe it’s because I know it’s easier for others to relate to the failures more so than the successes.  Today does need a bit of a back story though. My sister’s family has gone through a difficult year (or more) with health issues and so this has led them to completely revamp their diet.  Because of this […] Continue reading →

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November Life


This photo is an accurate representation of life these days. There’s a lot more electric lighting than daylight, we spend a good chunk of time in the tub and when not, I don’t think there are many hours when all of us are simultaneously dressed. Plus, this is SOOC which I think is truly a first for me. […] Continue reading →

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There are elements in this image that aren’t my favourite and yet it is perfect nonetheless. […] Continue reading →

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