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We humans are forgetful creatures. The events and realities of yesterday pass out of our minds and hearts by the dawning of the day. The hard lessons lived and learned by one generation are repeated in the next. So we need to learn to remember just like any physical habit that we learn. And like learning to put on clothes, we must choose what to remember. When one has heard the biblical story of Christmas year after year, it can fail to surprise, fail to move, fail to impress. Starts to […] Continue reading →


We have two pear trees in our backyard, one of which has been getting rather crowded by two blue spruce. They are too close to the pear to simply move so my only option is to cut them down. Since I’m all about repurposing things, we saved ourselves a few bucks this Christmas and cut down one of the two spruce for our holiday tree. My favourite part, the kids were watching Daddy fetch the tree from outside and Wyatt asks me, “Mom, is this legal?” I’m so proud he asked […] Continue reading →


Ever since the month of June faded away into July we have been given some great summer weather to get out and enjoy.  Anyone with little kids knows the trials of camping but I really do think day trips are where its at.  No setting up tents, sleeping in our own beds and access to a bath tub are all great reasons to stay a little closer to home.  A couple weekends ago we joined some friends at one of our favourite spots near Water Valley and had the perfect time.  We will be wandering a […] Continue reading →


Tech Baby

I recently got a new iPhone and I made a terrible mistake… […] Continue reading →


Every Christmas season we make a trip up to my parent’s home in the Peace Country and often it is quite frigid and there is usually lots of snow.  This year was definitely an exception since most days it felt like spring and even on one of the days it poured rain like it was June.  Now I will admit that the landscape was rather dreary and it didn’t look like Christmas but we got a different kind of treat with outdoor skating for miles.  Not only was every dugout and muskeg […] Continue reading →

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