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So this post is rather out of place here what with the majority of my publishings being photography or theology related. Well there was that one hugelkultur one too I suppose. Oh and the tortillas that nearly killed me. My blog has definitely become a rather mishmash of topics indeed! I would definitely make the case that my photography, theology, permaculture and food interest is actually intricately connected but that is another post for another time. On to sourdough! Quick caveat: I am […] Continue reading →

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I feel like I need to write this post mostly so I don’t forget today and it’s frustrations.  Not sure why I feel the need to publicly document my failures, maybe it’s because I know it’s easier for others to relate to the failures more so than the successes.  Today does need a bit of a back story though. My sister’s family has gone through a difficult year (or more) with health issues and so this has led them to completely revamp their diet.  Because of this […] Continue reading →

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