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It is unbelievable that Ellie Simone is 5 years old. To be honest it was difficult looking back through all these photographs, indeed we have covered a lot of ground since she was born. I’ve said multiple times in the past that Ellie is unique. Strong-willed, stubborn, full of feeling. The adjustments of life can be quite difficult for her. And waking up in the morning. We’ve had multiple stages where everyone in the house walks on egg shells within her presence. What a girl. […] Continue reading →


[…] Continue reading →


We had an incredibly long and beautiful fall this year. On one of the final days before the first snowfall we made an attempt at a hike down to the Burnt however the gumbo mud just stuck to the kids boots terribly so we opted for the campfire instead. […] Continue reading →


More of Summer


How big is the fish Grace? That’s what I thought. […] Continue reading →


As the title suggests, these don’t really fit together except for the fact that they are recently taken. My apologies. […] Continue reading →

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