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We had an incredibly long and beautiful fall this year. On one of the final days before the first snowfall we made an attempt at a hike down to the Burnt however the gumbo mud just stuck to the kids boots terribly so we opted for the campfire instead. […] Continue reading →


I loved this wedding for a number of reasons. First, it is my first local wedding since we relocated back to Eaglesham from southern Alberta. Second, I already knew Kelsey and her family well, having grown up in the same town, attended the same church and even being babysitter to Kelsey and her siblings way back in the day. (I know, I’m old.) And lastly, I knew it would be a relaxed and fun wedding! Congratulations Kyle & Kelsey, I’m excited to see where the two of you […] Continue reading →

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Why We Moved


The above image was our view out the front door and the one below was the view out the back door. Just an example of one of the many reasons we decided to move to Eaglesham, AB.  […] Continue reading →


It was a joy to get to spend some time with the Bell family on one of the final days of “summer” and it sure did give a fantastic farewell. It was very warm and sunny that morning and even though we started rather early and brave Dakota had to endure a nasty wasp sting, it was a definite success. […] Continue reading →

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[…] Continue reading →

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