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I have been scheduled to photograph the arrival of Dennis & Sally’s second son since back in March and the wait has felt incredibly long.  I’m sure it felt longer for Sally.  Well the call came at about 2:30AM 5 days past the due date and despite the ungodly hour I appreciated the abandoned Deerfoot Trail.  When I arrived, Sally was doing stairs to spur the contractions to move along and her water had already broken.  Things seemed to progress rather slowly for the next […] Continue reading →


Here is the story of JJ (Jesse Joshua) and his first minutes on earth. p.s.  Women are amazing. Witnessing a birth is drastically different than living it. I no longer believe I have walked down this path myself three times and lived to tell the tale.  Tamara, you’re a superstar. […] Continue reading →


Sometimes I’m a real party pooper…especially when it comes to the kids jumping or wrestling on my bed.  Most days I make my bed first thing and I get a little neurotic when anyone messes up the tidy bedding…except for wash day. […] Continue reading →

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