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  I have never thought of myself as a rebellious person.  Until lately.  As some as you may have picked up on in my previous posts I am not happy with where I am.  As a photographer.  As an artist.  As a person.  The temptation has been to scour the internet through Pinterest, blogs, websites and articles to gain some information and inspiration.  It hasn’t worked.   At all.  It only increased my restlessness and revealed my complete disgust with fast food photography. […] Continue reading →


It’s beginning to feel a bit like a bleak mid-winter and I have been finding it difficult getting inspired with photography.  The pit of discontentment has had too much pull so I’ve had to walk away from the computer and the overwhelming ocean of blogs and actually pick up the camera and shoot.  Shoot in a way I haven’t shot before and with techniques that are new to me.  It’s time to get out of the funk.  Thanks to all of you who stick around while I work at […] Continue reading →


Sometimes I’m a real party pooper…especially when it comes to the kids jumping or wrestling on my bed.  Most days I make my bed first thing and I get a little neurotic when anyone messes up the tidy bedding…except for wash day. […] Continue reading →

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