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Still not crawling yet.  It’s going to be a massive shock to my system once she does though. […] Continue reading →

We’re loving the hair swoop Ellie has been sporting lately. […] Continue reading →


Wyatt is in love with all things Star Wars.  He fights fierce battles out of doors with the other young Padawans in the neighbourhood and thinks Luke Skywalker is the coolest.  Unfortunately for Shannon, she usually ends up being Darth somebody.  It has been awhile since I have done a photo session with just Wyatt and so I’ve been brainstorming up ideas for one.  This is the one that popped into my head last minute.  I tried the first shots in our basement with basically no […] Continue reading →


As I’ve walked through this past “slow season” with very few shooting engagements I’ve had to work harder to find some sort of direction here in my own environment and this hasn’t been easy.  So far frustration has been a huge driving force for me to expand my knowledge and understanding of this field we all affectionately call photography.  For those who read this blog regularly I’m sure you’ve noticed a very clear break from my usual colour […] Continue reading →




I was recently given an old school desk for Shannon to use at home and it is getting well used.  I have always appreciated my children’s excellent attention span and the entire time I spent photographing Shannon using her new workspace she hardly acknowledged my existence.  In this instance, I liked being ignored. […] Continue reading →

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