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It is a little sad how I very rarely photograph my older children, especially in comparison with how much I photograph the younger. I do try to be intentional on each of their birthdays to set aside some time for their very own session, one that they choose location and wardrobe.  I must confess that I did miss Wyatt’s turn when he turned nine in August so he got to join Shannon for her eighth. Getting these done is a little like pulling teeth, mostly a chore for them and I know […] Continue reading →


As the kids have gotten older I have wanted to include more of their own ideas into their annual photo session and this is what Wyatt and I came up with. Wyatt has always had an incredible fascination with sharks and whales (even more than dinosaurs though they had their season) and lately he’s been practicing drawing them over and over. I thought we would take that favourite pastime and use it as our inspiration. Congratulations Wyatt on turning eight, I can’t express how proud […] Continue reading →


Shannon is an absolute joy of a child.  Sometimes even a bit wild.  She has been dubbed “Towanda” and anyone who has seen Fried Green Tomatoes will understand exactly what that means.  Her big brother is certainly a more passive personality so in our efforts to encourage more aggression while playing hockey he has been told a time or two to “be like Shannon”.  I do love her resourcefulness and she truly is the best of helpers.  Once she gets the idea into her […] Continue reading →


In the Making


No one is more aware of their child’s faults than their parents and often we overlook their strengths in our efforts to sand their edges.  Children are truly diamonds in the rough and parenting requires a steady hand and a wisdom beyond what we actually possess.  As Scott and I walk through these next five years with Shannon it is my hope and prayer that we can discern what to prune and what not and to see her potential in it’s rawest forms.  Shannon, may you learn that […] Continue reading →

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