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It’s beginning to feel a bit like a bleak mid-winter and I have been finding it difficult getting inspired with photography.  The pit of discontentment has had too much pull so I’ve had to walk away from the computer and the overwhelming ocean of blogs and actually pick up the camera and shoot.  Shoot in a way I haven’t shot before and with techniques that are new to me.  It’s time to get out of the funk.  Thanks to all of you who stick around while I work at […] Continue reading →


My word, my baby girl is 8 months old already. […] Continue reading →

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I had a very small window for shooting Ellie’s 6 month session since her naps aren’t very far apart these days but for the 20 minutes I did have she sure did put on a show! […] Continue reading →

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Ellie at three months. […] Continue reading →

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Sing Me A Song


Ellie loves to be sung to and Wyatt and Shannon are getting really great at making up silly songs on the spot, just for her. […] Continue reading →

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