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Shannon is an absolute joy of a child.  Sometimes even a bit wild.  She has been dubbed “Towanda” and anyone who has seen Fried Green Tomatoes will understand exactly what that means.  Her big brother is certainly a more passive personality so in our efforts to encourage more aggression while playing hockey he has been told a time or two to “be like Shannon”.  I do love her resourcefulness and she truly is the best of helpers.  Once she gets the idea into her […] Continue reading →

I was blessed with the presence of this new addition one warm afternoon not so long ago and what a joy she is!  Kaitlyn Grace is such a beautiful girl and once we would get her sleeping she looked positively angelic.  Thanks to the “K” family for coming for the afternoon and helping us put a dent, albeit tiny, into our Halloween candy! […] Continue reading →



This morning I downloaded an entire album off iTunes which is unusual for me.  I usually have a tough time committing to an ENTIRE album, instead picking out two, maybe three songs but this one was different.  Thanks to my friend Marshall, I was given the heads up that Ray LaMontagne had released a new album and I immediately went to the iTunes store, previewed three seconds of it and hit the Buy Album button.   The first time I saw Ray sing was on Saturday Night Live and to be honest, […] Continue reading →

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