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I came across a phrase in Matthew this week that seemed to resonate with great intensity. In addressing the Sadducees unbelief in the resurrection, Jesus said “You do not know the Scriptures and you do not know the power of God.”(Matthew 22.29) The Christmas season is now just hitting its stride and we are awash in many messages. Some messages ring hollow, the others have become repetitious. My own blindness and hard heartedness has frustrated me and I ask myself, “do you […] Continue reading →


I have confessed in the past my renewed vision of God’s Kingdom and how it requires my complete engagement, total commitment to the work of Christ here and now. But here’s my problem. I feel stuck. Stuck in a small world with small people. A world of diapers and messes, kid snot and chaos. My heart burns within me with a desire to plant seeds, cultivate beauty, build for the Kingdom. I try to put pen to paper to communicate my wakefulness to those around me but the words get […] Continue reading →

I seem to have quite a knack of deceiving myself. I would claim that all my actions in working for God’s Kingdom arise from a pure motive, the desire to bring glory to God. But under slight examination my true motive is revealed. All that I do, I am seeking my own glory. In each photograph, my own glory. In the raising of my children, my own glory. In the planting of gardens, my own glory. In the writing of words, my own glory. In the peace of my marriage, my own glory. Pride is such […] Continue reading →

We humans are forgetful creatures. The events and realities of yesterday pass out of our minds and hearts by the dawning of the day. The hard lessons lived and learned by one generation are repeated in the next. So we need to learn to remember just like any physical habit that we learn. And like learning to put on clothes, we must choose what to remember. When one has heard the biblical story of Christmas year after year, it can fail to surprise, fail to move, fail to impress. Starts to […] Continue reading →

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