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One of my favourite things about where we are currently living is the fact that we can really live life outside. We eat outside, play outside and bathe outside as much as possible. Keeps the mess inside the house slightly under control that’s for sure. Though this isn’t a true motherhood self-portrait post I had to post these photos together rather than split them into separate stories. Because they are not. […] Continue reading →


All parents out there know how bonkers bed time can be but I thought it wise to take a crack at documenting it. This happened to be a Sunday when I was tucking the kids in all on my lonesome since Scott had taken a load of our stuff up to our new house in Eaglesham. […] Continue reading →


Man, have I ever been stumped by this project. When I first began I had tons of ideas, seemingly endless inspiration. I thought it would be wicked easy planning something out once a month, but by the third month in my ideas all felt stale. Every idea was a derivative of something I had already done. I had lost all my freshness. The project wasn’t new anymore. Now it was just navel-gazing. During this desert phase I had been shooting with a Mamiya C330, shooting film for the first time […] Continue reading →


[…] Continue reading →


For the backstory on this project check out 5 Minute Inspiration as well as part II. […] Continue reading →

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