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Content is certainly the best way to describe Elliot’s disposition during my short visit with him and his parents.  Not much ruffled this little guy’s feathers!  He was a definite joy to photograph.  Thanks to his mom and dad for driving out and congratulations again! Rock on buddy. […] Continue reading →

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I have been incredibly blessed to have had the “L” family in my viewfinder for engagement, wedding, maternity and now newborn photos.  Every session with them is a joy, I hope the trend continues.  We had a wonderful session with the brand new Chase through which he slept beautifully.  He was my best newborn yet though he hardly looks newborn since he was such a big boy!  Congratulations to the “L” family on yet another monumental time in your lives.  Thank you […] Continue reading →

This little man was born just a few days before Christmas and since I’ll have a lot more images to show you, this is just a teaser for now.  I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their holidays! […] Continue reading →

I was blessed with the presence of this new addition one warm afternoon not so long ago and what a joy she is!  Kaitlyn Grace is such a beautiful girl and once we would get her sleeping she looked positively angelic.  Thanks to the “K” family for coming for the afternoon and helping us put a dent, albeit tiny, into our Halloween candy! […] Continue reading →


Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the full post. […] Continue reading →

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