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Wyatt and Shannon are completely in love with their new baby sister. […] Continue reading →

Believe it or not I found it rather challenging photographing Ellie which surprised me.  I thought it would be easy as pie with all the time in the world but it actually took me 2 days to get the number of shots I wanted.  Even with the house heat cranked so high the butter melted this little one did not want to completely settle in and would startle very easily every time I moved her.  Regardless of the difficulties I kept on trying being the stubborn character that I am and this post […] Continue reading →


First Morning


We welcomed Ellie Simone at 11:27pm on May 27th, 2011 to our family.  Here are the shots I got from her first morning. […] Continue reading →

Due to work, poor weather conditions, and childhood illness I didn’t get a chance to travel up to see my sister and her latest arrival until the little one was 10 weeks old.  Even though we photographers like to work with newborns before that two week mark I did enjoy the different aspects of shooting Brynn now that she’s older.  She had a fussy few weeks starting off but she seems to have really settled into a routine and has become quite the ray of sunshine.  She had no end […] Continue reading →


My session with Nathan was a bit more challenging than usual for two reasons.  One, he would sleep, but not super deep and each time I’d try to move him he would just wiggle back to where he was before and second, my big belly would get in my own way and moving around hasn’t been really easy lately 😛  Despite these couple challenges we had a great afternoon all hanging out and we did eventually get this super cutie into a deep sleep.  To see his corresponding maternity […] Continue reading →

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