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Due Date


Today was my due date and honestly I’m not at all surprised that I still look like this. […] Continue reading →

CASTING CALL!!! Looking for any soon-to-deliver prego moms out there who are looking for someone to document their birth experience in a tasteful way. Please contact me for the details. […] Continue reading →

Here are some last minute maternity shots before Miss Ellie’s long awaited arrival.  I love the series of Wyatt’s “rockin’ out”  faces. […] Continue reading →


All Belly


So I’ve been a bit of a procrastinator in taking some pictures of my own belly but I finally did it.  I’m not sure how I feel about the ones I’m posting here today, since we’re always our own toughest critics, but at least this stage has been recorded.  I hope I’ll take some more in the weeks I have left or have one of the kids or Scott take a shot or two.  We shall see. […] Continue reading →


I had postponed my original session date with Glenda & Albert due to nasty weather and though the day we did do the shoot was super windy, it was nicely sheltered at Bowness Park.  This is a bit of a longer blog post for a maternity session since I took a slightly different approach just to add some variety to the images.  There are some of my usual shots and also a few more story telling ones as well.  Glenda and Albert have two pretty sweet dogs and they both fit nicely into the […] Continue reading →

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