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  I have never thought of myself as a rebellious person.  Until lately.  As some as you may have picked up on in my previous posts I am not happy with where I am.  As a photographer.  As an artist.  As a person.  The temptation has been to scour the internet through Pinterest, blogs, websites and articles to gain some information and inspiration.  It hasn’t worked.   At all.  It only increased my restlessness and revealed my complete disgust with fast food photography. […] Continue reading →


On One Page


I’ve been following Erika Ray’s blog for a few weeks now and I continue to be struck with her realness, her honesty.  This lady is legit.  People who know me know that honesty is something I value, highly.  So I keep going back and I actually read the paragraphs at the top rather than just skim down to the photos.  I really struggled as I started out in the photography industry to make my photographs “perfect”.  Keep a clean background.  Make sure all the lines […] Continue reading →


We’re getting close to Shannon’s 5th birthday so I wanted to go back and reminisce on the last five years with our dear daughter.  We have been so blessed in these years with her and they have been filled with tremendous joy.  Stay tuned for her birthday photo session highlights. […] Continue reading →

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