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Gorgeous Calgary wedding in February! […] Continue reading →

I was really looking forward to Ray & Riza’s wedding because these two were an absolute blast on their engagement session and also because all my shooting locations were going to be new for me. Sometimes new locations can give new inspiration!  Their wedding day was gorgeous considering it was March and Scott and I really enjoyed it.  Congratulations guys and thanks for having us along for your special day! […] Continue reading →

I was absolutely thrilled to photograph Hannah even before she arrived at our house. So far, all newborn sessions I’ve done have been for boys and I really wanted to try out some really girly hats! Little did I know that the angel who was coming would be so good!  We had a great session and I’m officially hooked on photographing newborns! […] Continue reading →



I’ve been dog sitting for a couple weeks and one day last week I took Esther, our temporary pet, and the kids to a stubble field just north of our little community for a walk. The kids were awfully excited saying things like “This is so awesome out here!” and “This is so lovely Mom!”. I thought if a field was this exciting we needed to get out a little more.  Hence, our day trip to Kananskis.  We enjoyed Porcupine Creek and Canoe Meadows with some friends. […] Continue reading →


Literary Loves

Wyatt and Shannon LOVE books. At least once a day they spend some quiet time flipping through the books we have borrowed from the library. I absolutely love watching them get lost in the pictures and the stories their imaginations are telling. […] Continue reading →

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