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So this post is rather out of place here what with the majority of my publishings being photography or theology related. Well there was that one hugelkultur one too I suppose. Oh and the tortillas that nearly killed me. My blog has definitely become a rather mishmash of topics indeed! I would definitely make the case that my photography, theology, permaculture and food interest is actually intricately connected but that is another post for another time. On to sourdough! Quick caveat: I am […] Continue reading →

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Nine. Such is the day of childhood, so like the peak of summer. All the abundance enjoyed and still there are hints, glimmers of the season to come. Thank goodness her dress is still too big and she has a bandage on her finger. […] Continue reading →

The story we hold to be true is absolute absurdity. Complete madness. Why would God die? How is this even possible? It is outrageous. And by crucifixion no less! Only the scum of the earth, the most base of beings, the failures of humanity are given over to such humiliation. What being is this, what essence is this that would succumb into weakness, having no longer autonomy, no longer wholeness, no longer life when at the very word of his mouth all creation came into existence? Who by […] Continue reading →


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