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Five Year Flashback (Ellie)


It is unbelievable that Ellie Simone is 5 years old. To be honest it was difficult looking back through all these photographs, indeed we have covered a lot of ground since she was born. I’ve said multiple times in the past that Ellie is unique. Strong-willed, stubborn, full of feeling. The adjustments of life can be quite difficult for her. And waking up in the morning. We’ve had multiple stages where everyone in the house walks on egg shells within her presence. What a girl. No one cries with such martyrdom like Ellie. I have also said before that her given name means shining light. I know without a doubt that she will grow into this name in all its fullness. I have seen so many moments sprinkled in with the difficult ones where her spirit begins to reflect the shining light of her Creator. In her intelligence, her creativity, her strength, her imagination. In her I see Christ at work. Moulding and shaping, giving her new tools, ideas and techniques. Ellie can see the pictures that he paints for her. Pictures of a future reality where pain, sorrow, and fear no longer have a place. A reality where trees grow past the clouds with fruit always ripening to fill her mouth with sweetness. With a river so clear she can see the fish darting below. Where animals rest fearlessly in the cool of the shade. Where light abounds and darkness withers. And Ellie drinks in knowledge of the one who won this reality for her and she carries his presence with her. What a gift Ellie has been to us. I cannot wait to see her in stunning refined form.Flashback-1 Flashback-2 Flashback-5 Flashback-7 Flashback-9 Flashback-11 Flashback-12 Flashback-13 Flashback-14 Flashback-17 Flashback-18 Flashback-19 Flashback-20 Flashback-21 Flashback-23 Flashback-25 Flashback-26 Flashback-27 Flashback-28 Flashback-30 Flashback-31 Flashback-32 Flashback-33 Flashback-34 Flashback-35 Flashback-36 Flashback-37 Flashback-38 Flashback-39 Flashback-40 Flashback-43 Flashback-44 Flashback-45 Flashback-46 Flashback-47 Flashback-48 Flashback-51 Flashback-53 Flashback-55 Flashback-57 Flashback-58 Flashback-59 Flashback-60 Flashback-61 Flashback-63 Flashback-64 Flashback-65 Flashback-67 Flashback-68 Flashback-69 Flashback-70 Flashback-71 Flashback-72 Flashback-73 Flashback-74 Flashback-75 Flashback-78 Flashback-79 Flashback-80 Flashback-81 Flashback-82 Flashback-83 Flashback-84 Flashback-85 Flashback-86 Flashback-87 Flashback-88 Flashback-89 Flashback-90 Flashback-91 Flashback-93 Flashback-94 Flashback-95 Flashback-96 Flashback-97 Flashback-98 Flashback-99 Flashback-100 Flashback-102 Flashback-104 Flashback-105 Flashback-106 Flashback-107 Flashback-108

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