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This post is for all my gardening friends who are too far away for garden tours. Last fall, with much help from my dad and his John Deere, we prepared four linked hugelkultur beds which looked more like horse graves than gardens. The core consists of semi-decayed poplar logs which are then covered with composted horse manure and followed by the existing top soil. I left them bare for the winter which in hindsight I probably should have planted a cover crop of peas and then mulched. Instead I mulched with wood chips as I planted the garden this spring and used rough sawdust to suppress weeds on the walking paths. There has been a ton of weeding required and yet everything comes up very easily.  Most of the weeds so far have been field bindweed, cleavers, stinkweed and a bit of chickweed. It has been a very dry season so far and so I provided supplementary water a couple times but as of yet I haven’t lost anything due to the hot, dry conditions. The beds were planted with a wide range of vegetable, herb and ornamental plant materials, some from seed and a few from the greenhouse. So far we have enjoyed lots of lettuce, spinach, arugula, basil, green onions, a few strawberries, peas and potatoes. Hugelkulture002Hugelkulture006

July 7th, 2015:Hugelkulture007Hugelkulture009 Hugelkulture008 Hugelkulture010 Hugelkulture011 Hugelkulture012 Hugelkulture013 Hugelkulture014 Hugelkulture015 Hugelkulture016

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