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A Year In Film


This last year I only shot eight rolls of film on the Mamiya C330. Here’s a few highlights from those eight. The above image photo credit goes to my sister. All film was Ilford HP5+ 400 and developed by Caribou Film Lab.VanessaD061015-R1-E005 VanessaD061015-R1-E007 VanessaD061015-R1-E013 VanessaD061015-R1-E014 VanessaD061015-R1-E016 VanessaD061015-R1-E018 VanessaD061015-R1-E024 VanessaD061015-R1-E032 VanessaD061015-R2-E046 VanessaD061015-R2-E047 VanessaD061015-R2-E049VanessaD061015-R2-E040 VanessaD061015-R2-E055 VanessaD061015-R3-E063 VanessaD061015-R3-E065 VanessaD061015-R3-E071 VanessaD061015-R3-E072 VanessaD061015-R4-E073 VanessaD061015-R4-E076 VanessaD061016-R1-E001 VanessaD061016-R1-E003 VanessaD061016-R1-E007 VanessaD061016-R1-E009


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  1. Steven Tryon

    July 5, 2015 at 5:03 PM

    Beautifully done, says he, getting caught up on postings. 🙂

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