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Waking Up Two


It was about a month ago when Grace woke up a two-year-old. This past year we  have been enjoying her in an angelic phase which has now come to an end. The pouting, the irrational tantrums, the mumbled “nuthin” are now a daily if not hourly occurrence. But I cannot overlook the heartwarming “Sank You Mama” or the fits of giggles, or the sweetest requests for mooches. Two is sometimes terrible but mostly it’s fantastic. Now that the baby is no longer baby I know the time is going to run faster than I can possibly attempt to keep up.BirthdayParty009 BirthdayParty012 BirthdayParty014 BirthdayParty015 BirthdayParty018 BirthdayParty019 BirthdayParty025 BirthdayParty028 BirthdayParty029 BirthdayParty033 BirthdayParty034

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