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The Forgotten Children


It is a little sad how I very rarely photograph my older children, especially in comparison with how much I photograph the younger. I do try to be intentional on each of their birthdays to set aside some time for their very own session, one that they choose location and wardrobe.  I must confess that I did miss Wyatt’s turn when he turned nine in August so he got to join Shannon for her eighth. Getting these done is a little like pulling teeth, mostly a chore for them and I know that they don’t really care that much right now, but I am convinced that one day they will. It is incredible the amount they change from one year to the next, here is Shannon only 2 short years ago. When I was much younger, I loved flipping through my parents Norman Rockwell book and I remember how he loved to draw children of this age. They have such personality and a little awkwardness but they don’t notice it themselves quite yet. Their minds are asking incredible questions and they are starting to grasp the bigness of the world without being overcome. Being a parent to an eight and nine year old is also quite wonderful. They are very helpful with the household chores, entertaining their younger sisters, and I appreciate their growing independence. And though they share these qualities these two are drastically different. Wyatt is gentle and soft hearted, shy and reserved whereas Shannon loves to perform, create, tackle new tasks. Which is what makes them such great friends. Plus they laugh like hyenas and their silliness together is unparalleled. I hope it lasts.BirthdayPictures002 BirthdayPictures005 BirthdayPictures007 BirthdayPictures008 BirthdayPictures009 BirthdayPictures016 BirthdayPictures017 BirthdayPictures019 BirthdayPictures022 BirthdayPictures025 BirthdayPictures026 BirthdayPictures027 BirthdayPictures030 BirthdayPictures032 BirthdayPictures039

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