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Countdown to Two


Grace Mignonette, 21 ½ months old. This was a rare moment where Grace was alone and she was in the mood to perform (until she wasn’t anymore). She is still inseparable from her “zoo-zoo”, still asks for her bottle, and twirls her hair when she’s tired but I can see the baby stage fading quickly away. Her naps aren’t quite as necessary, she fights fiercely with her sister and her vocabulary is growing exponentially. We are on the countdown to Two.

Grace002 Grace003 Grace004 Grace005 Grace006 Grace007 Grace008 Grace010 Grace011 Grace013 Grace014 Grace015 Grace018 Grace020 Grace021 Grace022 Grace028

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  1. Jennifer Potter

    November 25, 2014 at 11:18 AM

    Just beautiful!

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