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Peter Pan’s Shadow


Why do I take pictures? I asked this question a few months ago after I plunged my camera and it was dead to me. Suddenly, I felt like I had lost a limb. And it’s not like I was shooting all that much, but the option was gone.  So I got contemplative. Whenever I felt the need to run and grab the camera, I would check myself and analyze why I felt the need. It’s not like I require more documentation of my children as children. I have more than enough of that. No. What I am attempting to do, every time I pick up the camera, is to make the intangible tangible. For the last year or so, I have been mesmerized by the Kingdom of God and the idea that it is an overlapping realm. That it is a dimension that can penetrate the earth but is not of the earth. And I see it. In every day it’s in front of my face, it’s in the echoes, the ripples, the glimpses. And I want to catch it, like Peter Pan and his shadow. I am impatient for it. It is just a taste of sweetness on the tongue before it fades beyond the limits of dimension. Like the sunset that doesn’t stay. But perhaps that is my problem. I’m grasping for a beauty that must travel on, to make room for the ones to come.

So that’s why I take pictures but that’s not why I should take pictures. I should be taking pictures for the same reason I am to do everything else. To be the agent of God’s Kingdom. Not to try to keep the Kingdom for my own treasure chest, stashed away like broken pieces of Paradise lost. But to be a prism that casts the life that is the light of men. (John 1.4) A much more difficult task, I much higher standard. But the temptation is still there. To drink in the beauty of God’s Kingdom, aching for its consummation at the wedding feast of the Lamb and the Bride. And perhaps it’s not so wrong except that it makes me wail with impatience. Why not now Lord? Why not now? Evil is running amok, the saints and the innocent are being crushed by the burden. Why not now?

I read Revelation. “I am coming.” “I am coming.” “I am coming.” “And then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.” (Mark 13.26)

So I continue to take pictures. Because the camera is the tool that has been placed in my hand (now resurrected after its baptism), this blog the box that I stand on. And if I fail at my stumbling attempts to communicate the message God has placed in my mouth, I pray that God use it anyway.

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