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Summertime Tub Time & Self-Portraits of Motherhood


One of my favourite things about where we are currently living is the fact that we can really live life outside. We eat outside, play outside and bathe outside as much as possible. Keeps the mess inside the house slightly under control that’s for sure. Though this isn’t a true motherhood self-portrait post I had to post these photos together rather than split them into separate stories. Because they are not.
OutsideBathtime001 OutsideBathtime002 OutsideBathtime003 OutsideBathtime006 OutsideBathtime007 OutsideBathtime011 OutsideBathtime012 OutsideBathtime014

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  1. Brea

    July 3, 2014 at 1:00 PM

    How precious. My favorites are definitely the ones that include mommy.

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