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The Journey to New Shores


On this six year anniversary of our moving to Airdrie, my family and I are announcing our embarkment to new shores. Well, not exactly new to me but certainly new to us as a family. Once the kids have completed this year of school we will be packing ourselves up into boxes and heading up north to the Peace Country, the land of my childhood. We feel a very distinct calling that this is the place we are to raise our children, the place we are to put down our roots. We are sad to say goodbye to the city that has been nothing but good to us, to our wonderful friends who grew with us these past six years and supported us through tough times, to all of our family that live nearby. The vision we have for our family in Eaglesham is still rather blurry but all our trepidation and fears of the unknown have melted away as we have stepped forward with our plans. It is my desire to continue Vanessa Day Photography though I am still unsure what exact form the business will take. I say thank you to all of you in the world wide web who take time to check in at my blog and Facebook page, I will be keeping everyone up to date as our lives transition in the months and years ahead.

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  1. Claudette Pelletier

    April 1, 2014 at 9:05 PM

    I was reading your pages….very interesting! You have a talent for writing and expressing yourself!
    I was surprised to read your news of a ‘new adventure’ whatever it is and wherever this seems to be taking you and family.
    I wish you well with this and go with Gods blessings!

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