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Extraordinary Eight


As the kids have gotten older I have wanted to include more of their own ideas into their annual photo session and this is what Wyatt and I came up with. Wyatt has always had an incredible fascination with sharks and whales (even more than dinosaurs though they had their season) and lately he’s been practicing drawing them over and over. I thought we would take that favourite pastime and use it as our inspiration.Project007 Project008 Project009 Project018 Project019

Congratulations Wyatt on turning eight, I can’t express how proud I am to see you maturing into a kind and gentle “little warrior”.  Just a heads up, it might be wise to no longer tell your friends at the playground that your sister is “just some girl”. You’re going to want her on your side 🙂 Plus, all those little boys won’t be teasing you for much longer about how you have so many sisters and instead they’ll be asking to come over…

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