I have been following Dana Pugh of Short and Sweet Photography since early on in my photography journey and she has been a great source of inspiration. She recently began a personal collection of images called 5 Minute Project where she simply picked up her camera and caught a series of images for 5 minutes and posted them on her blog. After doing this for a little while she put out the invitation to other photographers to submit their own 5 minute projects. I very much wanted to participate but I felt a very strong desire to put a bit of a different spin on my own project. The idea to take a series of self-portraits documenting daily life finally came to me one very regular day while I was standing at the sink washing dishes. I dropped the dish and began that minute. Needless to say, what I ended up shooting that day took a bit longer than 5 minutes since I'm a bit clumsy with a tripod and a 10-second timer so it didn't work to submit the entire series to Dana's blog. She agreed to take a portion that did fit within the 5 minute allotment but also recommended that I continue this project which, I'm ashamed to admit, hadn't occurred to me. So here marks Day One. Make sure to check out the entire 5 Minute Project blog and follow it in days to come
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5 Minute Inspiration


SelfPortraits001 SelfPortraits003 SelfPortraits004 SelfPortraits005 SelfPortraits007 SelfPortraits008 SelfPortraits009 SelfPortraits010 SelfPortraits012 SelfPortraits013 SelfPortraits014 SelfPortraits015 SelfPortraits016 SelfPortraits017 SelfPortraits018 SelfPortraits020 SelfPortraits021 SelfPortraits023 SelfPortraits024 SelfPortraits026 SelfPortraits027 SelfPortraits029


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  2. Megan

    October 9, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    I love the way you’ve made this about self portraits. As I was thinking about shooting my 5 minute project one of the things that same to mind was that I wanted to make sure I caught at least one self portrait. You’ve done this so much better! And I think the prespective you’ve got here is great for telling the story.

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