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The “D” Family – Airdrie Family Photography


The “D” family lives just down the street from us and so our families have become friends very quickly over this past year.  Their little girl and Shannon are the best of friends and the two of them have already gotten themselves into quite a bit of mischief.  I need to clarify that Shannon is always the “idea man” behind the mischief.  Also, this is the fabulous Wendy who made Shannon’s coat of many colours, her creativity knows no bounds!  This September has been day after day of beautiful warm and sunny weather but the afternoon we had scheduled for their session the weather got a little wicked.  The wind whipped up and just as we were getting out of the vehicle the rain began to fall.  We all soldiered on despite our poor weather luck and though their regular session got shortened into a mini-session we did get some good shots.  Here are a couple of the best ones.

Gypsy is a very special element in this family and she is very well loved.


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