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Anthony & Brandi – Calgary Wedding Photography


Anthony & Brandi’s wedding was to take place under the gazebo at The Ranche by Fish Creek Park and it was to be held outside rain or shine.  Well they need not have worried because we got a scorcher of a September Day at 28˚C and not a cloud in sight.  Scott and I had a great day with this super fun wedding party and I loved the unique elements that were woven into it.  Instead of giving wedding favours these two opted to donate the money to the Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation plus they had a requirement of “Cash 4 Kisses” instead of the usual clinking of glasses.  Their stand-up reception had people mingling and moving about and I enjoyed shooting in this relaxed atmosphere.  Also, this was my first time witnessing a traditional lion dance so that was a big highlight for me.  Congratulations Anthony & Brandi, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


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