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Wyatt at Seven – Airdrie Child Photography


Wyatt’s August birthday was celebrated while we were on holidays and so it took me a bit of time to get his seven year portrait done.  I am sort of glad it did though because in between he started Grade Two and also managed to tackle tying his shoes.  Very important milestones I thought so we incorporated these big steps into his shoot.  I am very proud of my boy as I look back on his progress this past year.  He has found his perseverance bits at a time and has tasted success with some things he thought to be impossible.  He has also grown into a very helpful big brother.  Ellie adores him and I greatly appreciate how well he can occupy her when I’m needing some time without her under my feet.  I am noticing Wyatt’s ability to do a drawing or a lego project and to take his time so that it is done just right.  I will admit that his slowness has driven me batty in the past but maybe this perceived “weakness” is not necessarily so.  His creativity is blossoming and I love seeing his latest LEGO creations.  Wyatt, may your next year be filled with new challenges tackled, friendships strengthened and character built.  May you grow in wisdom and knowledge and may you always seek God’s face.  Love you my boy.

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  1. Marshall

    September 7, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    The best. Just growing up…

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