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Brushing Off the Rust

So I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and not as much shooting.  I’m blaming the election.  And Twitter.  Who knew politics could be so distracting.  Now that it’s over and there’s a full four years until the next one (provincially at least) I can get back to doing the things that are a bit less frustrating.  I have finally got myself fixated onto an idea for a personal project and since it is still in its infancy I haven’t actually picked up my camera to shoot more than 2 minutes for quite some time.  Well tonight I decided that had to come to an end and took all three kiddos outside and hauled the camera out with me.  We only had time for a quick walk to the park but it was enough to get me started.  It’s amazing how rusty I felt, how most of the photographs turned out to be first class mediocre.  Oh well.  And since I’m committed to documenting this photographic journey of mine I feel it is my responsibility to share the photographs that don’t necessarily have me feeling all giddy alongside the ones that do.  Hopefully the “giddy shots” won’t be too long in coming.  One other note is that I took along my 16-35mm lens instead of my go-to 50mm to try something new.  This is a lens I have loved from the moment I purchased it and adored once I upgraded to the full frame camera.  So sharp and reliable and it always tells a story.

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