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Padawan – Airdrie Child Photography


Wyatt is in love with all things Star Wars.  He fights fierce battles out of doors with the other young Padawans in the neighbourhood and thinks Luke Skywalker is the coolest.  Unfortunately for Shannon, she usually ends up being Darth somebody.  It has been awhile since I have done a photo session with just Wyatt and so I’ve been brainstorming up ideas for one.  This is the one that popped into my head last minute.  I tried the first shots in our basement with basically no ambient light and used the light sabre as the main light source.  Unfortunately it didn’t put out as much light as I thought it would and found that I was having to push my camera’s ISO to the limit, so far that the images are nearly unusable.  This being the case I moved to using my softbox with my Canon’s Speedlight fired using Pocket Wizards.  I had to coach Wyatt to give me a strong stance since his natural pose was a little fairy-esque.  He got it eventually ;).  

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