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Simplicity – Baby Photography


As I’ve walked through this past “slow season” with very few shooting engagements I’ve had to work harder to find some sort of direction here in my own environment and this hasn’t been easy.  So far frustration has been a huge driving force for me to expand my knowledge and understanding of this field we all affectionately call photography.  For those who read this blog regularly I’m sure you’ve noticed a very clear break from my usual colour photography in the past few weeks and this next post is no exception.  As I continue to push forward I’m sure there will be more colour photographs cropping up again but at this point I need to just work through things with a bit more simplicity.  I honestly still think of myself as a beginner in photography and I’m not sure if I’ll ever regard myself differently.  So as a beginner I need to narrow my focus, maintain more control over my images before reintroducing too much complexity.  Maybe this post didn’t require such a long intro since many of the following images were actually captured by Shannon…but I’ll take credit anyway.

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