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An Honest Portrait



I have never thought of myself as a rebellious person.  Until lately.  As some as you may have picked up on in my previous posts I am not happy with where I am.  As a photographer.  As an artist.  As a person.  The temptation has been to scour the internet through Pinterest, blogs, websites and articles to gain some information and inspiration.  It hasn’t worked.   At all.  It only increased my restlessness and revealed my complete disgust with fast food photography.  My own included in that.  I don’t want to take pretty pictures for the sake of taking pretty pictures.  Taking pictures has become easy.  Easy for everyone and their dog.  Thanks Instagram.  No.  I’m rebelling.  I’m flipping the bird at easy and I’m letting you all know.  The rat race to become the most sellable photographer is no longer my race.  I’m reclaiming my journey back to give myself the permission to be myself.  This portrait I’ve posted I did late one night whilst experimenting with lighting.  It might not be the most flattering portrait but it is a liberating one.  I’m showing the world that my nose is prominent.  The “Poetker Nose” as it is called.  You can see the spiky baby hairs around my face as evidence of my last pregnancy.  And rarely do I not have a hair tie around my wrist.  I wear plaid because it reminds me of my roots.  My eyebrows have a weird growth pattern and cannot be tamed.  Even though I take colourful pictures, black and whites have always been my favourite.  I don’t love love.  Love is hard.  Love is messy.  Love has baggage.  Love is confusing.  Love is not Valentines.  It is not a rom-com.  God is love and look at how many people hate him.  From this point on, I’m not pulling any punches.  I’m calling it like I see it.

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  1. Niobe

    February 26, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Vanessa, this is a very good portrait. It’s completely transparent, and I feel like I’m sitting next to you. Light is perfect, not overdone, but revealing. Composition makes me curious, as though something is about to happen. And of course there are all sorts of things about your face that I recognize (I got those eyebrows too). Well done – keep going!


  2. Marshall

    February 26, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    I love the introspection that you show in this. I agree with you in most of your frustrations as an artist. I have similar with Music and Musicians mainly within the church. Today I sat through another service of THE WORST music with no regard to art or creativity. All of which God has created us at the core of who we are as a primal instinct.

    Regardless, instagram I think is just another social platform and shouldn’t be viewed as competition. In all reality photography has become so saturated with every dingle-berry who has the cash to buy an overprice camera and instantly thinks he’s a photographer. Its the same with music. Every American Idol reject who can play 4 chords on a kazoo thinks he’s the next pop icon.

    Its a problem with society and the culture we live and often encourage… We are in need of a revolution in the arts. Take them back from the over saturated culture we live.

    Its funny to think that when Adele wins grammy’s everyone freaks out on how good she is because she broke the norm… Truth is… The Norm is Broken.

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