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It Doesn’t Look Like Winter


Every Christmas season we make a trip up to my parent’s home in the Peace Country and often it is quite frigid and there is usually lots of snow.  This year was definitely an exception since most days it felt like spring and even on one of the days it poured rain like it was June.  Now I will admit that the landscape was rather dreary and it didn’t look like Christmas but we got a different kind of treat with outdoor skating for miles.  Not only was every dugout and muskeg like glass but so was every driveway and back road.  This Christmas will certainly be one to remember.  Here are some photos from the excursion.  Oh and for those wondering what sort of infestation my parents have in their house, it’s grandchildren.  It’s out of control.

Nana’s Bird Song Bible kept the kids quite entertained.

Wyatt’s upset that it’s not as smooth as arena ice.

A little blip in the power during supper prep.

Ellie wasn’t quite feeling herself.

The long pass.

Give the man a camera and he thinks he’s a rockstar.

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