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Today is Shannon’s fourth birthday and even with the disappointment of sick bugs keeping us from celebrating with a proper party, Shannon has been simply delighted to be today’s birthday girl.  This one needs no crazy bash with a gazillion guests and balloons to know that she is incredibly special to us.  Shannon has really blossomed into her own person this past year, showing more distinct likes and dislikes.  From the moment she could walk this one has been dancing with a natural gracefulness and this year’s ballet classes have really accentuated that.  I was pulled to the side more than once at a recent friends’ wedding to be told what a gorgeous dancer she is!  She gets rather bored with hockey but doesn’t mind being the zamboni.  Not a day goes by that she doesn’t say “I love you” to both Scott and I accompanied with loads of hugs and kisses.  Shannon is incredibly affectionate and gentle yet has a “tough as nails” side to her which really comes out in regular wrestle sessions with her brother.  Happy birthday Shannon, we love you and cannot have imagined these last four years without you!  May you grow into your name to become the “wise one” in the years to come!

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