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Ben & Lindsay’s Wedding

The weather for Ben & Lindsay’s wedding day was a bit sketchy but these two couldn’t really have cared less!  They were just so thrilled to be getting married that the weather was just a side note.  The ceremony and reception were held at the Carriage House Inn which was a great location for us to shoot.  After the ceremony we headed to Fish Creek Park with the wedding party and at first the weather was very kind to me with evenly cloudy skies and no wind or rain.  Little did I know that one of Calgary’s biggest storms of the year was headed our way.  Eventually we did see it coming and quickly got in some more shots before trying our luck at Gerry Shaw gardens.  The rain never did let up like we had hoped but Ben & Lindsay were troopers and even sat umbrella-less in the rain for a few shots.  Also a shout out to my assistant Susan for looking after me and my gear in the elements and holding my new pet fish, Finn all the way home from the reception.  You were a huge help to me as you well know!  To Ben & Lindsay, thanks for having us along on your day and congratulations to you both!

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